“Once a decision is made, focus on supporting it, not second-guessing it.” –
Dr. Maxwell Maltz, The New Psycho-Cybernetics This is …


When you fail, do two things: Learn.
Forget. “The unhappiest of mortals are those who insist on reliving the past, over
and over in their …

Why TDD?

When you practice test-driven development, you know your tests are running. A coworker (we’ll call him Scott) recently wrote some code and …

Never Eat Alone

Never Eat Alone is an excellent book.
The premise: if you want to be successful, build relationships with people. Get to know the people you work …

Story time with easyb

“Everyone loves a good story.” From Story time with easyb, my latest post on Inside the Machine.

CodeMash 2009 Recap

I loved it. I learned a ton, but more importantly, I developed relationships
with people I respect and admire who can help me to become a better …