Running Linux commands from history

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” – George
Santayana, (c/o Wikipedia) Sometimes I want to remember the …

We can be lifelong learners

From the Exploration chapter of Brain Rules: Researchers have shown that some regions of the adult brain stay as
malleable as a baby’s brain, …

Making decisions

Seth Godin’s recent post entitled Make a decision reminded me of a quote from
Psycho-Cybernetics that I wrote about a little while ago. I think …

Twitter is a waste of time

Neal Ford says Twitter Matters. I disagree. The problem with Twitter is that it’s not censored in any way, so you get a
lot of noise. In order …

The Duct Tape Programmer

From this post on Joel
Spolsky’s blog: Zawinski didn’t do many unit tests. They “sound great in principle. Given a
leisurely …

Who needs a mock framework?

“In Groovy, you can create mocks & stubs using native language features, so
you can forget about learning a mock framework.” From Who …


Before you automate something, learn to do it manually.


“There are few inherently right decisions or wrong decisions. Instead, we make
decisions, then make them right. That’s what leadership is …