CodeMash 2009 Recap

I loved it. I learned a ton, but more importantly, I developed relationships with people I respect and admire who can help me to become a better programmer. And I got fired up about programming again.

While I was there, I accomplished all of my goals, and much more. I also participated in several Open Spaces, where I was able to bring my thoughts and ideas to the table for discussion. I benefited as much from the Open Spaces as I did from the scheduled sessions, so if you’re going to a conference that has them, I’d recommend trying them out. When you do, be willing to participate in the discussion – if you don’t, you won’t get as much out of it.

As a result of CodeMash, I set the following goals:

  1. Get on Twitter. To keep up with the latest gossip? I’ve already forgotten why I need to be on Twitter, but if I don’t find any value in it, I’ll just stop using it. [@jtbrown]
  2. Find a mentor. Someone who’s passionate about programming and can help me continue to grow in my career. Preferably someone who thinks differently than I do who can challenge the way I think. And someone who can benefit from mentoring me.
  3. Investigate Ruby further. I’d like to compare Groovy and Ruby and evaluate the relative strengths and weaknesses of each language.
  4. Start using easyb. Andy Glover convinced me. His presentation was well-prepared, interactive, fun, and persuasive. He’s an excellent speaker and a really nice guy; I talked with him briefly after the presentation, and he thanked me for coming.

CodeMash was an awesome experience for me. If you haven’t been to a geek conference like CodeMash, you’re missing out.