iOS Boot Camp

Are you ready to learn iOS development… but sick of hunting down tiny syntax errors?

You yawn (again) as you look at the clock (again). You’re only two hours into your workday, and you’re bored out of your mind. You search the job boards for open iOS dev positions, dreaming of taking your career in a new direction. But you’ve never even built an app…

It’s not that you haven’t tried – you have, in fact, lots of times. But all the books, videos, and tutorials out there forced you to type in gobs of code, and you ended up wasting your entire evening hunting down syntax errors… before you decided to call it quits and shut down Xcode, promising yourself you’d try again tomorrow. But tomorrow never comes. At this rate, you’ll be stuck hacking away on legacy code at your current job for the rest of your career…

You know you can learn iOS… you just don’t know how long it’ll take until you have something to show for it.

I wanted to learn iOS in my spare time, but found it hard to figure out where to get started. With screencasts and online tutorials, I would have to get over the activation energy of “I don’t want to do anything this weekend.” By signing up for the course, I was committed to a specific date and couldn’t back out. Now I know enough to write simple iOS applications and I feel like I have a good foundation to learn more concepts. – Jacob Krall, Fog Creek Software

What if you could have your first app finished in just one day? You could finally start working on your app idea. How would you feel after having built your first app?

  • You’d have a solid foundation in Swift and iOS to build on as you continue your journey from novice to expert.
  • You’d know how to create a UI, respond to user input, and handle networking.
  • You’d go into iOS interviews with confidence, knowing you have a real app to demo.
  • You’d know where to look when you’re not sure how to do something.
  • …and you’d be able to build a huge number of potential apps with your new skills.

It’s true that learning a new language and platform is a lot of work. But you can kickstart the learning process and skip over some of the messy parts.

You don’t have to bang your head on walls of code or waste your time hunting down tiny syntax errors just to learn iOS. You just need to attend a Roadfire iOS Boot Camp.

The iOS Boot Camp forced me to take the time away from work and focus on learning, plus your expertise and prepared materials gave me a “path to excellence” that I can follow. I can spend days and days piecing things together but to have a hands on experience provides great value and efficiency so I can continue to focus on my existing work. – Michael Ball, Independent Contractor

In just one day, you’ll go from little (or no) experience in building iOS apps to having your first one under your belt. You’ll be showing off your own apps to your friends and family in no time.

Learn to build apps with the Roadfire iOS Boot Camp.

The Details

The Roadfire iOS Boot Camp is one intense day of lessons and hands-on practice to ensure you get comfortable with iOS and Swift.

  • Where: The internet. The entire Boot Camp is online, so you’ll want to make sure you have a good internet connection.
  • Date & Time: The Boot Camp happens every two to three months. Join the mailing list to find out when the next one is happening. (You’ll also get to learn more about iOS and Swift from the weekly newsletter.)

In just one day, you’ll learn all the core skills you need to get an iOS job:

  • how to create a UI in Interface Builder with Storyboards
  • how to get data from a REST API with the built-in networking functionality
  • how to parse JSON using iOS’s Foundation framework
  • how to update a user interface after receiving data from a server
  • how to display a list of items in a table view with UITableView
  • how to work with some of the most frequently-used Foundation classes: NSDictionary, NSNumber, NSString, and NSArray
  • how to display and transition between screens with UIViewControllers

You’ll end the Boot Camp with a real-world, working app you can show off in job interviews. You’ll have a foundation in iOS that you can use to build your own apps. You’ll know the basics of important concepts like view controller programming, delegates, and networking. And you’ll have a working understanding of the Swift syntax.

You’ll be equipped with everything you need to start building your own apps.

I’m in. How much does it cost?

When the Boot Camp ends, you’ll get:

  • video of the entire Boot Camp so you can work through it again any time on your own to reinforce the concepts you learned
  • access to the source code for the app we build
  • a list of resources you can use to continue learning

For the full iOS Boot Camp with one day of instruction plus all of the above, the regular price is $499.

Highly Recommended 4-week Exercise Program: If you’re interested in getting some extra exercise and practice building another app with help and guidance from me, you can upgrade with a 4-week follow-up exercise program. In the exercise program, you’ll build an app designed to help reinforce the concepts you learned during the Boot Camp. Plus you get extra instruction from me via live office hours and email.

I want to learn more about the Roadfire iOS Boot Camp.

The Boot Camp is only available to the mailing list, so make sure you don’t miss out on the next one by signing up today. You’ll get the free 5-Part Guide to Getting Started with Swift along with weekly articles on iOS development designed to make you a better iOS developer.

Want to know more about getting started with iOS?

If you want to start developing for iOS right now, do the following:

  1. Enter your name & email in the boxes above to get the 5-Part Guide to Getting Started with Swift, and follow along with those lessons as they come.
  2. Make a list of the core skills you need to become an iOS developer and start learning them. (The 5-Part Guide teaches you some of them.)
  3. Find out what else you need to know to become a professional iOS developer and work on learning those.


Is the Boot Camp in Swift or Objective-C?

It’s in Swift, of course! Swift is the future of iOS development, and knowing it will mean you’ll be able to build iOS apps for years to come.

Who’s teaching this Boot Camp?

Excellent question.

Josh BrownJosh Brown jumped into iOS in 2009 when he decided to give up writing server-side Java to build software people could see and touch. He’s been doing iOS as a consultant for the past four years and has turned his little freelancing business into a consultancy with a team of contractors. He’s taught several classes and workshops on iOS development for people like you and can’t wait to have you in the next Boot Camp.