iOS Dev Coaching

“Why isn’t this working?”

“Is this the best way to implement this?”

“This seems really messy — am I doing this wrong?”

If you’ve had questions like these, you’re not alone. Lots of new iOS developers have these types of questions, and sometimes it’s helpful to have an experienced iOS developer to talk to.

In the four-week iOS Dev Coaching program, I’ll spend an hour with you each week, either pair programming over screen sharing or just answering your questions over the phone, depending on what works best for you. It’s flexible and tailored to what you want to accomplish. I prefer to work alongside you, teaching you specific concepts when needed, but mostly working with you, showing and telling you how I’d approach your particular problems. I’d expect you to have things you want to learn — specific skills you want to develop or specific questions you want to have answered.

On top of the one-on-one sessions, I will:

  • review the code you commit outside of our pairing sessions, making suggestions for better stability, performance, readability – all the good stuff you get from a second pair of eyes. :)
  • give you VIP status in my inbox to answer questions you have during the week
  • guide and direct you on how to scope your project and what to do next
  • research to find answers to anything I don’t know

I’ll help you build your app, get it to the App Store, or just work with you on the tricky parts, depending on what your goals are.

You can get four weeks of coaching for $750.

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My Qualifications

I’ve been teaching iOS development since 2009 in corporate training, one-on-one coaching, workshops, books, and this blog. And in between, I’ve been developing iOS apps for my clients. I’ve learned a bunch over the years — that’s why I like to focus on your problems — the ones you want to fix now — because you’re going to learn a lot more that way than if we try to force something you don’t care about.

“Before our session, I would estimate I had about a good two days of slogging through code ahead of me. After our session, I was armed with solutions that took a fraction of the time than my previous plans and helped me save days of trial and error. You’ve seriously saved me quite a few days of coding.” – Jaz Garewal, iOS Developer

“I’ve used everything from, Treehouse, Udemy, googling everything under the sun and even hiring people on for tips. Josh was able to answer all my questions and help me tie everything together in an hour.” – Nick Strayer, iOS Developer

Questions? Email me.