Subversion global-ignores

To force your svn client to ignore files and folders from Subversion without
using the svn:ignore property, edit ~/.subversion/config. This file …


I’m excited to read Rework – the excerpts I read were excellent! You
can read more about the book at Signal vs. Noise, an
outstanding blog by …

Martin Fowler: VcsSurvey

Interesting survey results from ThoughtWorkers on version control: VcsSurvey To summarize, ThoughtWorkers strongly prefer Subversion, git, and …


“We are irrational. Proof: We believe we are rational.” From Bruce Eckel’s recent post entitled A Golf Ball to the Forehead.

Running an effective meeting

Prepare before the meeting starts. More than 10 minutes. State the purpose of the meeting at the beginning of the meeting. Without a stated purpose, …

A case for automated tests

In one minute, you can run one manual test or 100 automated tests. How would
you prefer to spend that minute? And what happens when you change some …

Cisco VPN on Snow Leopard

Mac OS X Snow Leopard has VPN support built in, so you don’t have to install
the Cisco VPN client. (If there’s one thing I dislike, it

SnakeYAML and Groovy

“Why aren’t more of us using YAML with Java and Groovy?” From SnakeYAML and Groovy, my latest post on Inside the Machine.