WWDC 2018 Keynote Recap

In today’s WWDC 2018 Keynote, Apple talked about new features and updates for iOS 12, watchOS 5, Apple TV, and macOS Mojave. If you missed the talk, you can get a quick overview with the rough cut of my notes below. You can also watch the 2+ hour talk or read Apple’s marketing pages for iOS 12, macOS Mojave, watchOS 5, and Apple TV 4K.

iOS 12

Craig Federighi

  • People upgrade quickly: in 7 weeks, over half of users upgraded to iOS 11
  • 95% satisfaction
  • “doubling down on performance”
  • Same devices supported as iOS 11


applies to all devices — Apple showed stats from iPhone 6 Plus

  • Apps are faster
  • Keyboard is faster
  • Share sheet is faster
  • Apps launch faster
  • iOS ramps up CPU faster when it sees a need for more performance


New file format: USDZ

Adobe CTO: Abhay Parasnis

  • USDZ support in Creative Cloud
  • Photoshop, Dimension to create AR content
  • New Adobe iOS app: WYSIWYG editor for AR

New app from Apple: Measure

  • Easily measure along the suitcase by tapping and dragging a line. See how big stuff is
  • Auto detect rectangles

USDZ files in websites, News app

ARKit 2

  • improved face tracking
  • Realistic redering
  • 3D object detection
  • Persistent experiences
  • Shared experiences

2-player Swift game with AR: developers get today

LEGO: Martin Sanders, Director of Innovation

3D object detection: bring models to life, add new ones

Combine physical and digital

Up to 4 friends in same space

See inside physical creations


Search: object and scene recognition

iOS 12: search suggestions

Events, museum, surfing, vacation

New tab: For You

  • Featured photos
  • Memories
  • Effects suggestions
  • Shared album activity
  • Sharing suggestions: share back (to share from same event)


Third-party apps:

  • Shortcuts: any app can expose quick actions to Siri

“Add to Siri” — choose your own phrase, like “I lost my keys”

“Help me relax” to start a meditation

Siri Suggestions:

  • can suggest you order a coffee (if you always do it)
  • When you get to the gym, suggest starting app
  • Turn on Do not Disturb when you get to the movie theater
  • “I’m running late” when meeting is upcoming (or already started)

Shortcuts app:

  • “Surf’s up” to get the surf report, current weather, ETA to beach
  • Editor with drag & drop
  • Gallery: pre-made shortcuts

“Heading home” -> run a bunch of commands: send messages, play radio/podcast, show travel time


presented by Susan at Apple


Side bar on iPad to navigate


Now contains Apple News

Now on iPad

Voice memos

Even easier to use!

  • iPad for the first time
  • iCloud support

iBooks (now Apple Books)

Renamed to Apple Books

  • Reading Now
  • Stunning new store


Do Not Disturb

  • During bedtime: black screen, small amount of text
  • Good morning screen

Automatically end Do Not Disturb:

  • after 1 hour
  • When you leave…
  • When you arrive…


“Instant tuning” for notifications:

  • bypass lock screen
  • Turn off completely

Grouped notifications by app

Clear a whole group of notifications at once

Screen time

Gives you insight & control over how you use your device

Reports: weekly activity summary of how you used it

  • Longest session
  • After bedtime use
  • Time in apps

App limits:

  • Set a limit: get a notification when time is almost up

For kids:

  • Activity report from them on my device
  • As a parent, create allowances
  • Downtime: like at bedtime
  • App limits
  • Always allowed (Phone, Books, education apps, etc)
  • Content and privacy
  • Manage all remotely from parent device


Animoji: awesome, expressive, amazing!

  • A whole new level… “Tongue detection”
  • New Animoji: ghost, koala, tiger, t-rex

Memoji: personalized Animoji that looks like you…”or the real you”

Kelsey Peterson: live demo

  • choose skin color
  • Hair
  • Sunglasses
  • Accessories


Group FaceTime: 2, 3, or 32 people

Tiles automatically resize when people talk

Animoji, stickers, effects, everything

iPhone, iPad, Mac, Watch (audio only)


watchOS 5

Health & Fitness

Grouped notifications like iOS 12

Background audio in 3rd party apps (audiobooks, guided meditation, etc)


  • Challenges
  • Awards


New workout types:

  • Yoga
  • Hiking

Outdoor run: cadence — steps per minute

Automatic workout detection so you don’t forget

  • “It looks like you’re starting a workout”
  • “Finished your workout?”


real-time voice with short messaging

Wilkie-talkie: new app on Watch

Works over Cellular or Wi-Fi

Siri Watch Face

  • sports
  • Maps
  • Heart rate
  • Shortcuts: “leaving home”, “start outdoor walk”
  • third-party apps


No more “hey Siri” — just raise wrist and talk

Interactive notifications

Web content

Now you can view web content with WebKit: images, text, etc


Now on watchOS 5: Tap or ask Siri to play

Apple TV

presented by Jen

  • Dolby Atmos sound: it’s amazing, of course. Just need a Dolby sound bar
  • Live sports
  • Live news
  • total: 100+ video channels


  • Canal+ in France
  • Salt in Switzerland
  • Charter Spectrum in the US on Apple TV, iPhone, and iPad. Later this year

Authentication: Zero sign-on (if you’re on your provider’s broadband network)

Now you’ll be able to see aerial locations and swipe between them

New aerial location: Earth (day and night) from the International Space Station


presented by Craig Federighi

macOS Mojave

Dark Mode

Dock, menu bar, window chrome, side bar, apps

Photos, Pages, Calendar, Mail, Messages, iTunes, Xcode (including IB)

Dynamic Desktop

Desktop subtly changes throughout the day (morning, afternoon, evening in the desert)


Desktop stacks: clean up the mess, arrange by time, date, or tag


New view: a gallery view (large preview, thumbnails)

New sidebar (right side):

  • everything from “get info”
  • rotate right in Finder
  • Customizable actions (Automator): assign to buttons, like “Watermark” for PDFs

Quick Look

Markup is integrated


Now appear in bottom right. Click to use tools, click & drag into docs

Web page with animation: record video

Continuity Camera

Right click on Mac, choose Take Photo, iPhone camera is ready, photo inserted immediately


Now on the Mac:

  • News
  • Stocks
  • Voice Memos
  • Home


Greater protections

Already on:

  • contacts
  • Location
  • etc.

Extending to:

  • camera
  • Microphone
  • Mail database
  • etc.


Tracking prevention: shutting down tracking in “like” and “comment” buttons

Fingerprinting: making it much harder for trackers

  • simplified system config
  • Built-in fonts only

Way more difficult for data companies to identify and track

On macOS Mojave and iOS 12

App Store

Redesigned from the ground up

  • Discover
  • Create
  • Work
  • Play
  • Develop
  • Categories

Discover: Editorial about the best Mac apps, videos auto-play

Create: bring artistic ideas to life, with tips & tutorials

Redesigned product pages: rank, editor’s choice, ratings & reviews front and center

Ratings & review API for Mac apps

Office 365, Transmit, BBEdit coming later this year



Machine Learning

3rd party libraries using servers to train

Now: use Create ML — a new tool for training without being a ML expert

Use Xcode Playgrounds to train models

Core ML 2

Faster on-device processing

Smaller model sizes

Are you merging iOS and macOS?

No. We love the Mac and macOS. Unique characteristics, flexibility in displays and storage.

Sneak Peek: iOS on Mac

Multi-year project

UIKit moving into macOS

Phase 1: Apple took their own iOS apps and brought them to the Mac (News, Stocks, Voice Memos, Home)

Coming to developers in 2019


Favicons in Safari

APFS improvements


iOS 12: Siri to any app, screen time, communication, Memoji, group FaceTime

watchOS: walkie-talkie, web content

TV: 4K, aerial screen savers

macOS: Finder, dark mode, Privacy & security

Updates this fall

Developer betas today