Not Using Automated Tests: Still a Systemic Problem for iOS Developers

Ash Furrow, over five years ago, in Seven Deadly Sins of Modern Objective-C:

Do you unit test your Objective-C? No, you probably don’t. Do you have automated UI acceptance tests for your UI? Nope. Do you have any kind of continuous integration set up? No, you don’t.

I don’t understand what is wrong with the Objective-C community that it continuously eschews any form of automated testing. It’s a serious, systemic problem.

This is still a serious, systemic problem in the iOS world. It’s the biggest mistake I see new iOS developers make, but it’s not just new developers — it’s most of us, most of the time. When so many respected developers say it’s worth the effort, why are we still not doing it?

How should you start unit testing your app?

Unit testing for iOS can be lonely — most iOS developers don't seem to be doing it. Should you be writing unit tests? What are the benefits of unit testing, anyway? And if it is worth the effort, how do you get started? Enter your name and email in the boxes to get answers to your questions.

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