WWDC 2016 podcast episodes for iOS developers

I enjoy listening to podcasts when I commute, and I especially love hearing different people’s thoughts, opinions, and recommendations on what to do as a result of the new announcements at WWDC. Here are some of the WWDC 2016 podcast episodes I’ve enjoyed, followed by a few that are still on my list. If you’re looking something to listen to during your commute, this should get you started.

(I listen to podcasts in Overcast, so I’ve included links to listen there for convenience.)

Accidental Tech Podcast #174: A Ding in the Room

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This was the first WWDC recap I listened to, so I may be more heavily biased towards it for that reason, but I really enjoyed Marco, Casey, and John’s overview of each piece of the keynote. They discuss everything from watchOS to tvOS to macOS to iOS in a brief 1 hour and 42 minutes. This episode is certainly less developer-focused than some of the others listed here, but it’s technical enough that I still found it relevant as an iOS developer.

The Talk Show #158: Live from WWDC 2016, with Phil Schiller and Craig Federighi

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This one gets bonus points for having Phil Schiller and Craig Federighi; I enjoyed hearing more about Apple’s thought process and why they decided to go with a limited number of domains and intents for Siri integration. They also discuss the things Apple announced in the keynote in more detail: differential privacy, the new file system, iMessage apps, and more.

Under the Radar #33: iOS 10

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David and Marco talk about the changes in iOS 10 and how they’re planning to adopt them. I enjoyed David’s explanation of how he reads up on iOS changes to stay on top of them. I feel much better about iOS 10; as they put it, not much has changed unless you’re doing something that makes sense with Messages or Siri.

Release Notes #163: That Ship Has Sailed

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Joe and Charles focus largely on the things Apple didn’t discuss at WWDC such as the new subscription options as well as the upcoming ads in the App Store. I agree with Charles: Apple doesn’t necessarily always do what’s best for developers; they do what’s best for Apple.

A few others…

In addition to the ones listed above, I also enjoyed the following:

Core Intuition #237: WWDC 2016 [Listen in Overcast]

SharedInstance #66: WWDC Recap, Yes You Can Rick Roll Someone With That [Listen in Overcast]

And here are a few others that are on my list:

iPhreaks Special: iPhreaks Talk WWDC 2016

Runtime #2: The Day English Was Destroyed

The raywenderlich.com Podcast S06 E02: WWDC `16 Review: iOS 10 and watchOS 3

More Than Just Code #96: extension WWDC2016

iOSBytes #119 – June 16th, 2016

Thanks to Brian Minor, Nick Kohrn, Andrew Madsen, Steve Graff, BaraLabs, Vic Hudson, Michael Henry, and Tom Smallwood for helping me discover new ones when I asked for podcast recommendations.