How to build a hybrid iOS app

…or, how to package your mobile web app in a native iOS app.

Hybrid apps get a lot of bad press these days. Sometimes, it’s well-deserved, and other times – not so much. If you read DHH’s recent post on hybrid apps, you know that the hybrid approach worked well for Basecamp. So if you think a hybrid app might be for you, how do you go about trying it out?

In this screencast, you’ll learn how to package your mobile web app as a hybrid app (in less than 25 minutes!). Having a hybrid app gives you a presence on the App Store in addition to one of the huge benefits of having a web app: you can deploy anytime you want, without waiting for an approval process. Check it out:

If you learned something about hybrid apps in this video, you’ll learn a ton about building native apps (and how easy it can be) in the free 5-Part Guide to Getting Started with Swift. Included is a video like the one you just watched that’ll teach you how to build a native app that integrates with a REST API, parses JSON, and displays the data in a table view.