What’s your favorite service for tracking usage statistics in an iOS app?

On the iOS Programming subreddit, someone asked:

TestFlight’s FlightPath beta cancelled. What is your favorite service for tracking usage statistics in a live app?

I’ve tried Flurry Analytics, Google Mobile Analytics, and Localytics for tracking usage in my iOS apps, and I’ve settled on Google Mobile Analytics. It works similarly to Google’s web analytics – you can track new and active users, device models, countries, screen views, in-app revenue, button taps, and more. In fact, it’s really just part of Google Analytics – you can view all your stats from the web dashboard or from one of the dozens of Google Analytics apps out there for iOS. (I prefer Quicklytics).

A lot of people recommend Flurry, but I’ve just had so many issues with it. The web dashboard is painfully slow to load. It doesn’t give me the data I want. I really think the only reason everyone uses it is because (1) it’s free and (2) everyone uses it.

Google Analytics is free, too, and it’s a much better option than the slow, clunky, useless dashboard Flurry provides. The SDK is easy to use and makes it dead simple to start tracking screen views, button taps, and other interactions. Give it a shot.

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