Increasing Your Productivity with Zero Inbox

If you ever get distracted by your inbox when you send email, you might like the new app we’ve been working on. It’ll save you time every time you send an email – it helps you to avoid distractions by keeping you out of your inbox when all you’re doing is sending an email. So you can send an email without ever seeing your inbox. There’s no way to do that with Gmail on the web, or with Mail on your Mac, or with Mail on your iPhone – all of those (and every other email app) show you your inbox (and waste your time) when all you want to do is send an email. Zero Inbox allows you to do exactly what you want – send an email – and nothing more, so you can stay focused on composing your email and get back to work.

If you’d like to know when it’s available, drop your name and email in the box below. We’ll let you know when it comes out, and you’ll get to buy it at a discount if you sign up now.