No Comments

Matt Gemmell recently wrote an article titled Comments Still Off in which he explained why he doesn’t allow comments on his blog. I’ve had comments off on my blog for a while, too, for mostly the same reasons.

In fact, I was inspired by Seth Godin’s post on the subject. The main benefit I get from not allowing comments is that I no longer write blog posts hoping for validation from them. I used to write posts then refresh the page like crazy just waiting for someone to comment. Not a problem any more.

I’ve also had bad experience in the past with spam and other awful, critical, degrading comments. Not allowing comments means I don’t have to moderate, and I don’t have to worry about getting such awful remarks on my blog. You can always interact with me on Twitter or by email or write your own post if you have something to say about my posts.

If you write a blog, consider switching your comments off – it’ll save you a lot of trouble.