The Solio Bolt

I’m really happy with my Solio Bolt. I got it a couple weeks ago, and I’ve been leaving it out in the sun almost every day.

I’ve found that it charges fairly slowly here in central Indiana, even in direct sunlight during the sunniest parts of the day. After a sunny week, it charged to a little over 40%. This should, in theory, charge my iPhone a little over halfway. So in a week of leaving the Bolt in the sun, I get enough energy to charge my iPhone from 20% to 80%.

So it’s a lot of work – I have to move the Bolt about once an hour to point it more directly toward the sun, move it to the other side of the house, whatever. And a week of this just to charge my iPhone halfway. I love using clean energy from the sun, but I look forward to the day when clean energy from the sun can be harnessed much more efficiently.