7 Mac Apps I Love

keeps all my passwords in one secure place, so I no longer have to (a)
remember passwords or (b) reuse passwords (which is a terribly bad idea). Its
browser plugins are excellent and make it fast & easy to login to websites.

securely backs up my Mac online. It runs in the background so I never notice
it. It’s reassuring to me to have everything backed up online in addition to
my Time Capsule.

has an archive button! This means no more dragging Gmail messages around in
Mail. The threaded conversations are great, too.

launches every app I use on my Mac. It’s by far my favorite app launcher – it
has a great UI and it’s much faster than Spotlight. I also use it to find
files & folders when I can’t remember where I put them…

Notational Velocity
is where I take notes on my Mac. It syncs with Simplenote, so I can also view
and edit the notes on my iPad and iPhone.

syncs my 1Password passwords between my Mac, iPhone, iPad. I also use it for
sharing files between team members – images, audio files, and a host of other
things. It’s great to be able to drop a file into a folder on my Mac and have
it automatically show up on my teammate’s computer.

stores everything I’ve copied to my clipboard (well, the last 200 items or
so). If you don’t have a clipboard history app, you need one. I like that with
ClipMenu I can type a few letters to quickly jump to a text clip to re-copy
the item.

What Mac apps do you love?