The story behind iFonts

I needed the list of available fonts in iOS to send to my designer. I searched
the web and found that there are lots of iOS font lists out there
blog posts,
Stack Overflow),
but who knows if they’re up-to-date or were ever right
in the first place? At some point, every one of them will be forgotten,
neglected, and become obsolete. I wanted to be absolutely certain that the
list I sent to my designer was correct for the latest version of iOS.

iFonts guarantees that – it
uses public APIs to determine the available fonts, so you know you’re getting
the current list when you run it on your device. Most importantly, it has a
handy email feature to send the list to a designer or developer. No need to
bookmark a web page. No need to create a list on your computer that’ll quickly
become obsolete. Just run
iFonts and you instantly
have the list that’s guaranteed to be up-to-date for your version of iOS. It’s
that simple.