Review: Microsoft Office 2008 (Mac)

A decent set of software. If you’ve used Office 2007 for Windows, you’ll find
that this has a similar set of functionality.

A coule good reasons to buy this:

  1. You’re forced to work with .docx, .xlsx, .pptx, and other x files.
    OpenOffice doesn’t handle them very well.

  2. It’s required for work or school.

It’s not worth the cost unless you need it for one of those reasons. I get
annoyed with it because it doesn’t feel like a Mac app, doesn’t have the
standard keyboard shortcuts (Cmd-Shift-S doesn’t mean “Save As…”), doesn’t
resize right. It’s just not a real, solid Mac app the way Mail is, the way
iCal is, the way 1Password is.

If you need to create basic documents and spreadsheets, check out
OpenOffice or Google Docs.